In what ways a person gets harassed in the workplace?

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Harassment is an alarming issue all over the world, as numerous cases related to harassment are registered in different corners of the globe on a regular basis. Harassment is of various kinds, but one of the most common and modern types of harassment is workplace harassment. When any worker or employee is mistreated in any way at the workplace, it comes under workplace harassment. It is a serious issue and has gained the attention of different institutions and officials in the past decade. One of the most controversial cases of workplace harassment is kevin mullin, as one of his colleagues made some harassment accusations on him and the case gained a lot of popularity.

What is the primary reason behind burgeoning cases of workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment is a serious issue, and you must be thinking about what the major cause of such issues is. Most of the time, employees working at the low level get harassed by the workers at the top level, which is a clear indication that a sense of power and authority are two of the major causes of such harassment issues. Employees at a lower level couldn’t speak up as they fear that if they raise their voice, they will lose their job.

Lack of evidence

Most of the time, bosses harass their subordinates when no one is around, which is the primary cause of why the sufferer fails to collect any evidence against them. No one would hear them out if they don’t have good evidence, and it is tough to collect evidence against a person who has some much of power and contacts.

What is the solution?

The management needs to be more attentive and take preventive measures so that no sort of harassment takes place in the workplace, and they should also make the staff aware of raising their voice if they face such issues.