With 95% super high assembly rate, Longyuan Group won the bid of Xincheng holding Tianchang project

Time : 2021-02-25

Recently, Longyuan Group won the bid of new city holding Tianchang Wuyue Plaza plot 337#Longyuanmingzhu high performance, full assembly and steel structure building product system——S-SYSTEMThe whole system integration will be implemented in the project, including fabricated structure system, fabricated floor system, fabricated exterior enclosure system, fabricated interior partition system, fabricated interior decoration system and fabricated pipeline systemsixThe R & D achievements of large-scale system compete with each other, and the assembly rate is up to 100%95%above.

Plot 3 of Tianchang Wuyue square37#The general contract project is located in the south of Qianqiu Avenue, Tianchang City, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, on the East and west sides of Kejiao road and Xueyuan Road in the south. Project implementation“EPCMode ", one-stop service, supplemented by perfect prefabricated construction operation standards, the whole processBIMInformation management system, strengthen the multi-party collaboration between component factory and assembly design and assembly construction site, timely sharing and efficient transmission of information at all stages, help assembly building digital and intelligent upgrading, promote fine management, improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Longyuan Group has been practicing the concept of green ecological construction and is committed to promoting green, low-carbon and healthy high-performance steel structure building product system. Longyuan Mingzhu's continuous exploration and deepening in the field of steel structure prefabricated building is an important fulcrum in the transformation and upgrading development of the group. Longyuanmingzhu will inherit“装配科技,绿色人居”的理念,全力以赴力争将新城控股Plot 3 of Tianchang Wuyue square37#The building has become a national prefabricated building benchmark project, creating a green, energy-saving, healthy and comfortable living environment, and creating a new coordinate of urban housing. To cultivate new energy and inject new vitality for the high-quality development of Longyuan ecological prefabricated building and the transformation and development of green and high-quality development of construction industry.

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