Longyuan ecology works hard to win the first order of EPC + O

Time : 2021-02-06

two thousand and twenty-oneyeartwomonththreeLongyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd., together with Suzhou Wushe Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Dadi rural residence Tourism Development Co., Ltd., won the bid of the first phase project of Xinyanggang ecological fishing port townEPC+OProject. The project is the first project of Longyuan GroupEPC+OThe project is the result of the collaborative efforts of Longyuan Mingcheng group departments, Longyuan Mingxing, Longyuan design Zhejiang branch, Jiangsu branch and other Longyuan ecological units, as well as external excellent design, construction and operation units. This is also an affirmation that Longyuan Group is constantly trying new business and new mode in the field of infrastructure construction.

Rendering of heting yunqi homestay

General contracting of Xinyanggang ecological fishing port town phase I ProjectEPC+OThe project is located in Xinyanggang, Huangjian Town, Tinghu District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Provincetwo019yearsevenmonth盐城黄海湿地申遗成功,项目所在的黄海湿地是世界重要的珍稀鸟类全球种群越冬栖息地亚愽体育官方网站,是江苏省首项世界自然遗产亚愽体育官方网站,也是中国唯一的滨海型湿地自然遗产亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。项目建设地点位于国道twotwo8To the East, to the west of Danhe line, it is divided into four blocks.

Rendering of research camp

The first phase of the winning project adoptsEPC+OThe main construction contents include: heting yunqi homestay (total land area)three8054M2, new building area4three00M2), Huanghai Wharf (total land area)41threeseven0M2, total construction areafour thousand eight hundred and eightyM2), facade reconstruction and lighting, research camp (the total area of planned red line is aboutforty-eight thousand six hundred and fourteenM2, total construction area约5seven90And other four blocks. The construction and installation cost of the project is aboutthree.4It is one of the key cultural and tourism projects in Yancheng City, and has been highly valued by the governments of Yancheng City, district and town.

Rendering of Huanghai Wharf

Longyuan Group will work with the local government and internal and external resources, rely on Yancheng fishing, sea, crane elements, closely around theWith the working principle of "high-end design, high-end construction, high-end operation and high-end activities", we will continue to carry forward the work style of collaborative operation and continuous innovation, and build Yancheng Xinyanggang ecological fishing port town into a distinctive and first-class migratory resort habitat and a comprehensive experience place of fishing culture.

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