Longyuan Group holds 2021 annual working meeting

Time : 2021-01-27

two thousand and twenty-oneyearonemonthtwenty-fiveLongyuan Group held thetwo thousand and twenty-oneyear度工作会议亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。本次会议共有oneIt's a main venue,fortyThere are more than one club,forty0I'm from LongyuanCommon online, summary and reviewtwo thousand and twentyyear工作亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,共启two thousand and twenty-oneyear新征程。

two thousand and twentyyear是不平凡的一year亚愽体育官方网站,在新冠肺炎疫情的冲击之下,建筑行业遇到了很多困难和挑战亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。但在全体龙元人的不懈努力下亚愽体育官方网站,龙元集团继续稳定前行亚愽体育官方网站,向好发展亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。

Lai Zhenyuan: very satisfied, have expectations, maintain a sense of crisis

集团董事长赖振元在会上作重要讲话亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。他表示亚愽体育官方网站,今year受到疫情影响,虽然以视频形式召开工作会议,但是大家都做了充分的准备,讲得都非常好亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,会议开得很成功亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,他很满意亚愽体育官方网站。赖振元指出亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,two thousand and twentyyear新冠肺炎疫情爆发亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,建筑业增速下降亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,龙元在以总裁为核心的经营班子的领导下亚愽体育官方网站,在全体龙元人的共同努力下亚愽体育官方网站,效率不减亚愽体育官方网站,取得了许多成绩,也涌现出了一批优秀员工亚愽体育官方网站。希望全体龙元人向优秀榜样学习亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站、看齐亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,勇挑重担亚愽体育官方网站,在今year继续保持这种势头亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。

yestwo thousand and twenty-oneyear工作亚愽体育官方网站,赖振元也提出了几点要求和期望:First, unity.无论外部环境如何变化亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,全体龙元人要同心协力亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,在新的一year更好地支持集团工作亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。Second, we should make use of resources.We should make full use of the platform and resources of the group and take the initiative to receive business. Subsidiaries, such as longyuanmingzhu, should fully coordinate resources and give full play to the group's comprehensive advantages.Third, we should always maintain a sense of crisis.The group should emphasize the overall balance of funds, relaxation, and keep the group stablePPP和传统业务合理增速,走稳步不停步,不要太着急亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,要做百year老店亚愽体育官方网站。Fourth, we should cherish Longyuan brand.In order to do a good job in project quality and continue to do a good job in "Longyuan Cup" evaluation, the group has issued new policies to encourage the project department to become stronger and bigger, and to give strong support to the project department.第五亚愽体育官方网站,要培养year轻人亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。集团要重视新一代人才的培养亚愽体育官方网站,让更多year轻的管理人员亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站、year轻的项目经理有发挥的平台。赖振元希望在新的一year里,大家要注意身体健康亚愽体育官方网站,在安全的前提下为集团继续出力亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。

Lai Chaohui: enabling and gathering strength to continue to write a new chapter in the development of the group

Group president Lai Chaohuitwo thousand and twentyyear度工作报告亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。yes于过去一year亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,赖朝晖表示亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,集团全体员工凝心聚力、笃行实干亚愽体育官方网站,在“固本培元亚愽体育官方网站,鼎新振业”八字方针的指引下,迎来了集团成立forty周year,业务结构稳定改善,自主经营有所突破亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站;项目管理水平提升亚愽体育官方网站,优秀履约基础夯实亚愽体育官方网站;发行eight point zero fiveIn addition, Longyuan (Zhejiang) Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. was newly established to invest inone5Billion yuan in Xuancheng, Anhui Province to build the first prefabricated construction technology industrial park, Longyuan ecological collaborative growth. In addition, Hangyu science and technology innovation board, the group's joint-stock company, successfully passed the IPO; built "Longyuan construction and Finance Research Institute of Ningbo University" with Ningbo University; as the only private enterprise, it took a stake in the national green development fund; and made donationssix hundred and thirty-nine point twoTen thousand yuan to pay homage to the medical staff of Hubei Province These achievements embody the painstaking efforts and sweat of each Longyuan person and highlight the vitality of the group's development.

Lai Chaohui pointed out that development is the eternal theme of the enterprise. The group should take 100 billion as the goal, strive to achieve benign growth and high-quality growth, and build itself into a large-scale infrastructure and construction holding group with stable operation, high profit quality and stable dividend distribution.

针yes此目标亚愽体育官方网站,集团确定了"Empowering and gathering strength, devoting to ambition and quick action"作为今year的八字工作指导思想亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,研究决定了two thousand and twenty-oneyear十大工作目标,明确了六大工作任务:

First, we should deeply cultivate the core business areas and firmly promote collaborative and independent operation. We will actively promote the establishment of subsidiaries and the dual wheel drive of subsidiary companies. Follow up the customer's demand in time and optimize the business model continuously. Effectively integrate internal and external resources, and vigorously promote collaborative management. Consolidate and enhance professional ability, improve the quality of decision-making.

Second, efforts should be made to strengthen capital management and control and continuously improve fundamentals. We should pay close attention to the collection of debts and accelerate the return of cash. Orderly promotion of convertible bond issuance is conducive to promoting the expansion of financing channels. Strengthen capital risk management and control, improve the predictability of capital management.

Third, we should continue to strengthen the management of projects and comprehensively improve the ability to fulfill the contract. Gradually establish a long-term project management mechanism of line collaborative management, realize project standardized management, reduce cost and increase efficiency. We should improve the system of work safety and build a solid bottom line of work safety. Strengthen the project implementation planning and promote continuouslyBIMTechnology application, comprehensively promote the work of creating excellence and winning the cup.

Fourth, improve the ability of corporate governance and stimulate the potential of organizational development. withOKRApplication and group branch operation analysis as the starting point, strengthen the goal decomposition and process management. Build the group master data platform, promote the optimization and reconstruction of the group organization system, and create efficient execution. Strengthen asset management and eliminate major risks.

Fifth, optimize the ecological layout of Longyuan and explore high-quality development path. Continue to increase investment in fabricated steel structure to ensure the leading technology system. We will continue to improve the vertical mixed operation capacity, fully integrate resources, and promote the healthy growth of Longyuan ecology. Strengthen the management of investment projects and promote the strategic transformation of the group.

Sixth, strengthen the support of human resources and gather the centripetal force of enterprises. Do a good job in promoting the construction of talent echelon and training. Explore the business partner system, and promote the development of enterprises. Actively carry out public welfare and charity activities and shoulder social responsibility bravely. Enrich corporate cultural activities and enhance brand influence.

Lai stressed that,two thousand and twenty-oneyear亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,有期翼,更有重担亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站。征途漫漫亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,惟有奋斗亚愽体育官方网站。希望全体龙元人以不惧困难的非凡勇气和一往无前的奋斗姿态亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,续写集团事业的新篇章亚愽体育官方网站。

Line work: Based on the present, looking forward to the future

会上亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,各条线高管yestwo thousand and twentyyear度工作进行总结亚愽体育官方网站,yestwo thousand and twenty-oneyear工作提出了更高的要求亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,明确了新一year的工作重心亚愽体育官方网站。

(in the following order)

vice president Dai Ying

Business lines should promote independent and collaborative operation, develop business ideas, break through market barriers, and encourage excellent project departments to become stronger and bigger. Through the cooperation of various departments, the whole process and all elements to create cost competitive advantage, improve the effectiveness of cost management.

vice president Luo Yongfu

The project line will further strengthen the plan management, refine the objectives, implement the project implementation planning, and realize the whole process of performance. We should be a real project management center, give full play to the role of collaborative management and control, pay attention to safety production and quality control, and promote high quality and excellence. Improve the management system of labor service companies and promote standardized management.

Chief financial officer Xiao Jianwu

The financial line should focus on the quality management of stock and incremental assets, comprehensive business budget management, constantly establish and improve various financial risk early warning mechanisms of projects, and improve the work coordination between economic management and control departments. We will increase investment in information and intelligence, and establish a large data warehouse.

vice president Meng Xuming

投资版块要持续盘活资产亚愽体育官方网站,实现投资资产现金回流亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,加强yes子公司的系统性管理,探索基金创新模式与协同经营亚愽体育官方网站。加强PPPThe construction of the management system of the board, giving full play to the professional advantages of Mingcheng, acting as the leading force of business transformation, based on infrastructure construction, constantly trying new things, and promoting the coordinated development of multiple businesses.

vice president、总承包管理公司总经理 Wang Dehua


chief engineer Shao Junya

The technology line should continue to strengthen the basic management and constantly implementOKRObjective and achievement management, reasonable planning, comprehensive strengthening of project management. Carry out in depth from point to areaBIMTechnology comprehensive application, cooperation and technology sharing.

vice president Lai yechen


vice president亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站、董事会秘书 Zhang Li

Further strengthen the informatization construction of the group, and create the informatization management and control of the group's human, financial and project big data. And take the performance appraisal as the starting point to promote the group's execution. Continue to promote the work of convertible bonds, and empower the front line through plan management, active management and control, and attentive service.

Chief supervisor Lu Jian


常务vice president Qian Shuijiang

The steering group willtwo thousand and twenty-oneyear继续围绕工作作风建设亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站、制度贯彻落实、项目管理亚愽体育官方网站、工程创优等方面内容做好督导工作亚愽体育官方网站。


Advanced commendation: set a benchmark and strive to be the first

two thousand and twentyyear亚愽体育官方网站,龙元涌现了一批表现突出的个人和单位,他们在自己的岗位上任劳任怨亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,以身作则,获得了集团的肯定亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站?亚愽体育官方网站;嵋閥estwo thousand and twentyyear度优秀管理者、十佳优秀经理亚愽体育官方网站、优秀经理亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站、优秀新人以及各优秀单位进行了表彰亚愽体育官方网站。

two thousand and twenty-oneyear度工作会议令人振奋亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,催人奋进。龙元人将以"Empowering and gathering strength, devoting to ambition and quick action"八字方针为指导思想亚愽体育官方网站,围绕year度工作十大目标亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,在董事长和总裁的领导下,求真务实,团结拼搏亚愽体育官方网站,迎难而上亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,勇于突破亚愽体育官方网站亚愽体育官方网站,为推动集团更高质量的发展而不懈奋斗亚愽体育官方网站!

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